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Luvian dialects of the Anatolian group: grammar, lexicon

  • Classic and Medieval Studies (CLASMED)
Luwic Dialects Project

The main purposes of this subproject, within the coordinated project 'The Luvian dialects of the Anatolian group: writing, grammar, lexicon, name day' are the following: (1) the elaboration of a historical and comparative morphology of the Luvian dialects, and ( 2) the study of the lexicon of Luvic dialects from the point of view of derived morphology. To achieve these goals, it is proposed, on the one hand, to continue to act as a pole of attraction for the scientific debate on Luvian dialects through annual meetings and other forms of collaboration among team members, and, on the other, to develop powerful tools. at the service of research, such as databases, lexical and textual corpus, and more digitized bibliographic repertoires. 

University of Barcelona (coordinated project, IP 1 Ignasi-Xavier Adiego Lajara, IP 2 Mariona Vernet Pons and other researchers), Philipps-Universität Marburg, Germany (Ilya Yakubovich, Elisabeth Rieken), Universiteit Leiden, the Netherlands (Alwin Kloekhorst and other researchers )